Episode #13 Dumbing Shit Down

Episode #13 is a doozy. Titled Dumbing Shit Down. We get into many issues and impacts the new President and our government will possibly bring to the United States going forward. We discuss as Stan would say it….”Our Biggest BADDEST FUCKING Military” We talk about race and break down some election numbers. Some other topics are Veterans Day, Our take on how the government works, crime, and Bob Ross the military man/painter. This is a long episode. I feel like we put together a good thought provoking episode. Remember to like and give us a subscribe and review on itunes and also you can like and follow us on Soundcloud. You can email us at adjustthemic@gmail.com and get info from our website at www.adjustthemic.com

Episode #12 Lapis Purple Lambro

Another episode of Adjust the Mic is out for your listening pleasure or displeasure haha. We talk about the Magic vs Philly game for the first 15 or so minutes. Stan went with some friends up to the Gator vs Bulldogs game up in Jacksonville over the weekend. We about traveling and truck driving a bit which turns into our car accident stories. We finish off the show with some more about the up and coming 2016 presidential race which is a week away from being decided. Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy creating it! Hit us up on our Facebook group Adjust the Mic and our website adjustthemic.com